Returns, refunds and cancellation policy


1. Introduction

1.1.  We hope you will be satisfied with all items you order from us. This policy applies if you are not entirely satisfied.

1.2.  For safety reasons you are not entitled to return prescription medicines, or anything that has a hygiene seal that has been broken or tampered with. You may only return prescription medicines if we have made a mistake in fulfilling your medication order (medication order includes prescription and non-prescription medication provided by Pharmacierge Ltd) . (“Our Error“).

1.3.  You may not cancel your medication order once it has been paid for. Due to the special nature of medication orders (whether provided under prescriptions and otherwise), once your medication order has been paid for it may not be cancelled. This is because (i) it is (in most cases) automatically ordered from third parties and dispensed, and (ii) exceptional measures beyond our control may be placed on us by third parties from time to time as a result of which we are unable to refund medication orders ordered from third parties on your behalf.

2. Statutory rights

2.1.  Nothing in this policy derogates from your statutory rights.

2.2.  The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (the “2013 Regulations“) do not apply to the sale of medicinal products under a prescription.

2.3.  The 2013 Regulations may apply (i) to non-prescription medication orders, and (ii) where the medication is unsuitable because of Our Error (applicable to prescription and non-prescription medication orders) then:

2.3.1.  you have 14 calendar days from the date you receive or collect the relevant medication order to notify us that you are not completely happy with it or (where the medication order includes either prescription or non-prescription medication) of Our Error;

2.3.2.  within 14 calendar days of your notification to us of your intention to return all or any part of a medication order we must receive that medication order (or the relevant part) in its original packaging and unopened, so that it can be safely destroyed (this is necessary because regulations applicable to pharmacies prohibit resale of returned medication orders), however you do need to return the medication order to qualify for a refund;

2.3.3. if only part of the medication order is unsuitable only the part may be returned for refund. If the entire medication order is returned we will also refund any delivery costs we charged you. If you are entitled only to return a part of a medication order then you will not be entitled to be refunded responsible delivery costs.

3.  Force majeure

3.1.  We accept no liability for any loss suffered or damage incurred as a result of matters outside our reasonable control.

3.2.  We do not have control of any logistics network and can therefore assume no liability in respect of non-delivery or delayed delivery between (i) our placing an order for your medication with a third party to supply your medication order (that you have paid for) and our receiving that medication order from a third party and delivering your medication order to you, or (ii) after we have consigned a product to a third party delivery service for delivery to you.

4.  Refunds and liability

4.1.  We shall refund you an amount up to the amount you paid to us only (i) if we are unable to fulfil your order, or (ii) if the return is as a result of Our Error, or (iii) where we are required by law to issue you with a refund (but not otherwise).

4.2.  Refunds may be processed through the payment solution or processor you used when placing your medication order.

4.3.  Authorised refunds you may take up to 21 working days to be made (the “Refund Period”), please contact us within 30 days of the end of the Refund Period if the refund has not been received by you during the Refund Period.

4.4.  Except to the extent otherwise required by any applicable laws of England and Wales which may not be excluded by contract, your sole and exclusive remedy in respect of any medication order (whether resulting from failure by us or another person) shall be the right to a refund as provided in this policy (and, once we have made such refund, we shall have no further or other liability or obligation to you in respect of the relevant circumstances).

4.5.  Our maximum liability for our failure to fulfil a medication order that we are legally bound to fulfil will be limited to the amount we received by way of payment from the person who placed the medication order at the time that the medication order was placed.

4.6.  References to “you” in this policy apply to any person other than us.

5.  International delivery

5.1.  Deliveries outside the UK are arranged and undertaken entirely at the customer’s risk.

5.2.  Whilst Pharmacierge intends to act in good faith, it accepts no liability in respect of courier non-delivery, delay or return.

5.3.  Pharmacierge assumes no liability in respect of any import taxes, customs charges or analogous costs (which the customer is responsible for paying) and will not be liable (or issue refunds or grant credit) in respect of defects or delivery interruptions or failures arising as a result of matters beyond its reasonable control. Such defects and interruptions may be caused by poor carriage, adverse temperatures and requirements of customs or other border control authorities.

5.4.  Pharmacierge gives no advice as to the lawfulness of the delivery of any medication outside the UK and does not advise on whether any delivery mechanism may be required or appropriate.

5.5.  The customer, by placing an order for delivery outside the UK, accepts (except to the extent, if any, that Pharmacierge may not lawfully exclude a relevant liability) these waivers and exclusions. If specialist delivery has been arranged, it is the responsibility of the specialist carrier employed, not of Pharmacierge, to ensure that the requirements are adhered to.