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Patients receive a call, sms or email to pay online. Convenient free delivery options. Always competitively priced.

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“A trusted extension to my practice”; “The best part is happy patients”; “Brings kudos to my service”.

Clinician reviews

“Having used Pharmacierge regularly for my patients, I cannot speak highly enough of their service and the team. Reliable, friendly, efficient and punctual – everything one needs, no matter if you’re a doctor or a patient.”

Dr Martin Saweirs General Practitioner, Harley Street

“I’ve now been using Pharmacierge for a couple of years (as a prescriber) and it’s genuinely very impressive – they’re a knowledgeable, helpful team and provide great service to both prescriber and patient. The Webprescribe online interface is simple/intuitive and secure, and it adapts to your prescribing practice over time so the more you use it the easier it gets. Reliable rapid country wide delivery is also extremely popular with patients – a definite winner, especially in the current climate.”

Dr Tim Wigmore Consultant Intensivist and Anaesthetist

Prescribing is simple and easy. If you need to speak to the pharmacist, they are immediately responsive. The service to patients is superb- country wide. When you explain to a patient you can get the medicine rather than a prescription delivered to their door the usual response is “Wow! Wonderful” – the two-word review of Pharmacierge!”

Mr Peter Hamlyn Consultant Neurological Spinal Surgeon

Consistent, efficient, friendly and responsive to both the needs of our practice and more importantly, to our patients. Last week, they delivered medication needed urgently to one of our patients in rural Devon.”

Dr Tim Ladbrooke General Practitioner, Courtfield Private Practice

“Fantastic service. Makes prescribing very easy. My patients are really impressed too. I highly recommend Pharmacierge.”

Dr Lucinda Green Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist, Portland Hospital

“My patients are extremely happy with Pharmacierge efficient and discreet service. Personally, I find it very easy to use, drugs are available immediately. Outstanding!”

Dr Elisa Astorri Academic Physician Rheumatologist, Harley Street

Superb service from a first rate company. The website is easy to use for clinicians and my patients have been delighted with the fast, efficient delivery.”

Dr Chantal Simonis Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, Wessex Fertility

“Pharmacierge provide a wonderful, seamless, easy to use service which the patients love as their prescription medicines are delivered directly to their door at home or work within hours of being prescribed. No more queuing or waiting at the chemist. My patients are now asking for Pharmacierge before I suggest it.”

Dr Catrin Bevan General Practitioner, London General Practice

“We at Winchester GP are delighted to have found Pharmacierge. At last, a pharmacy partner that shares our own high customer service standards. The transition from doctor to pharmacist is seamless, saving our patients time, money and inconvenience. Thank you!”

Dr Tom Willsher & Gemma Farrand General Practitioner, Winchester GP

“What a fantastic service you offer! Your service is very slick and easy to use, and my patients are also all very happy using it. So keep up the good work.”

Dr Imogen Shaw General Practitioner, Cambridge Menopause Clinic
Convenient reliable and very cost effective, My patients love this service.
Professor Richard Schilling Consultant Cardiologist, One Welbeck

Pharmacierge offer a brilliant service and patients are impressed. The Pharmacierge team go the extra mile to assist if there any problems.

Professor Malcolm Rustin Consultant Dermatologist, Physicians Clinic

The only Pharmacy to use! They offer a truly outstanding service and the staff are always so polite and friendly. I cannot recommend them more highly to both doctors and patients alike.

Dr Simon Moore General Practitioner, Moore Medical

Excellent ... Excellent .... Excellent !!!!
A most effective and efficient service loved by clinicians and patients - I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Miss Jeannie Yoon Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Lister Hospital

It’s so much easier for me than writing and posting paper prescriptions!  Great feedback from my patients, too, who appreciate having their medication delivered to their homes.  Pharmacierge also go the extra mile in sourcing medications that aren’t in stock, so they do the work in finding it - whereas previously patients would have to visit several pharmacies to find one that stocked the item.

Dr John O'Donohue Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist, Circle Health

Outstanding. So easy to prescribe, always ready with helpful advice. Prompt and reliable. Fantastic service

Dr Susi Green Consultant Gastroenterologist, Spire Healthcare

Wonderful and efficient service.

Mr Vikram Talaulikar Associate Specialist, Menopause Clinic

First rate customer experience, speedy delivery of antibiotics prescribed for my daughter, allowing us to get the medicines at home rather than having to head to a actual pharmacy

Mr Oliver Warren Gastrointestinal Surgeon, One Welbeck

Pleased and impressed with the service Pharmacierge offer. Remote prescribing safely, easy and quick delivery and a tracked history of prescribing is a step forward for clinicians and patient service.

Dr B M Thomas Consultant in Spinal and Pain Medicine, Fortius Clinic

Very efficient and friendly staff, a truly fantastic service offering convenience from a clinician's point of view and I've had great feedback from my patients.

Dr Amarjit Raindi General Practitioner, Phoenix Hospital

Excellent service. Very efficient and hassle-free.

Dr Simon Anderson Consultant Gastroenterologist, London Bridge Hospital

Amazing service. patients are very happy and it makes my work much easier. would definitely recommend

Dr Delphine Sekri General Practitioner, St John & St Elizabeth Hospital

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