Pharmacierge Newsletter

Most patients within London postcodes can expect delivery the same day or one working day after payment, and nationally (outside London) 1 or 2 working days after payment. The range depends on the timing of a prescription, the timing of patients’ payments, patients’ location and their medication availability. Patients will receive an estimated delivery window on the delivery day of either 1 or 2 hours, depending on carrier. All deliveries are tracked. We do not rely on the Royal Mail. And as you’ve read earlier, we have extended operating hours to weekends, so prescriptions are now being processed every day, except on public holidays.

As mentioned we’ve significantly expanded our dispensary team and capabilities in Wimpole Street, adjacent to the Royal Society of Medicine. However, given the volatility in demand for delivery slots, we continue to ask for your help in managing patient expectations responsibly. Kindly communicate some or all of the following to all patients:


We’ll contact them. We will contact all patients, so there is typically no need for patients to contact us they hear from us, but they are able to do so at any time by email or phone.

Patient mobile phone number. Please encourage patients to look-out for Pharmacierge SMS/email payment links or calls from 0207 631 1269. Their prompt payment will expedite processing.

We’ll go the extra mile. It’s not possible for any pharmacy to store all (16,000) medications and their respective strengths, and less common medications or larger quantities will need to be ordered from suppliers, typically for the same or next working day. That said, we will go above and beyond to source medications from a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers to try to obtain what your prescribed medication/equivalent.

Patient email address. It is more important than ever before that we have multiple methods of contacting patients.  Please endeavour to include a mobile number and email address for every patient if possible. Landlines should only be provided please, if the patient doesn’t habitually use a mobile or is out of mobile range.

Certain medicines have been intermittent, but in general, supplies have been reliable. Certain lines that were unreliable pre-Covid19 can still be problematic. Where unavailable from daily suppliers, we source rarer medication, such as RA/MS/Dermatology biologics, from specialist suppliers or directly from manufacturers including Abbvie, Roche, Sanofi, Bristol Myers, Lilly and Teva.  Our IVF and Menopause services continue uninterrupted. We still carry a supply of the season’s flu vaccines, in addition to rarer vaccines, such as Shingrix. More information on medication shortages from the PSNC and the NHS.

Acting responsibly, we do not wish to come between a patient with a clinical emergency for commonly available medication (e.g. antibiotics, inhaler, analgesic), and a local pharmacy near their home which they could readily collect from. Only clinicians can make this vital determination. Due to availability of delivery slots, we continue to recommend clinicians use local pharmacies for emergency supplies of commonly available medication.  More information on Community Pharmacy Emergency Supplies. On an exceptional basis we can expedite turnaround times if you believe the clinical need warrants it.  We are asking clinicians to organise by emailing Similarly, please send any more urgent practice matters to the same email address and copy This escalation procedure is for exceptional practice use only. Please reassure patients that there is still no cause for general anxiety around medication shortages.